To accompany
you in your career

From the first day in your business unit and throughout your different career changes, VINCI Facilities will ensure your career path is as rewarding as possible.

The development of skills and expertise of our employees is one of our priorities. The same goes for the induction of newly recruited employees: the quality of their integration is essential to successful recruitment.

Many things are done in the VINCI Facilities Business Units to welcome new recruits, among these are the following:

  • An integration and training programme
  • Induction days for new recruits: these induction days are organised to present employees with VINCI Facilities and its activities. They will enable you to become acquainted with new employees from different business units and with different job profiles, and to talk with the top management of VINCI Facilities.

Mentoring: coaching and career changes

Mentoring, the coaching of new recruits by more experienced employees, is widely practised within VINCI Facilities and actively contributes to the transmission of corporate knowledge and culture. Respect for experienced employees and their expertise is deeply rooted in the VINCI Facilities’ culture.

At VINCI Facilities, mentoring is practised beyond compliance with regulations implemented within the framework of dual vocational and apprenticeship training. It has been proved useful at other career stages: following a mobility transfer, a new job posting, or in the event of an accident or a handicap requiring the reorganisation of a job.

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